Take Me Back Necklace

Rp 1.725.000

Designed as a play on the locket idea, we created a door pendant; an entrance and an exit to symbolize our transitions through life. 

Inspired by Balinese stone carved door frames that separate the outer world from the inner world. To us, entering through the doors represent our homecoming. Returning to our nest to reconnect with our roots. Upon exiting through the doors, we come into a world of discovery and inspiration.

The doors of the pendant were designed to swing open to dynamically portray these ideas. Hanging from a delicate chain, the pendant can be worn at a longer length to be worn closer to the heart.


Metal: 23k Gold Vermeil
Length: 48.3 - 53 cm (19 - 21 inches)
Dimension: 14 x 23 mm
Weight: 5.8 gr


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