Jewelry is more than just something you put on.

For us, it's another form of self-expression through adorning our bodies.
To represent everything that makes us who we are.
To make a statement of what we believe in.
To honor and remember our heritage.


Dua Adorned is a Bali based demi-fine jewelry brand. Having been raised on an island abundant in creative stimulation, whether it be painting, dance, sculpture or architecture, designers Amira and Yasmin left their home to further explore their individual creative expression. Upon finishing studies abroad they both returned to Indonesia to reconnect with their home, re-discovering forgotten elements of their Indonesian heritage.

With their combined interest in creating adornments, their first collection in 2020 highlights the ornamental features of the arts and crafts from their island home. Their inspirations are often drawn from the natural beauty that surrounds them. They also incorporate elements of traditional wood carvings, unique features of Indonesian architecture, and even ancient textile patterns.

Dua means two in the Indonesian language and is based on the idea of partnership and balance, combining two inspirations into one tangible and wearable piece of expression.