Sterling Silver

Silver is a beautiful shiny white metal that is worn and loved by many. Remember the Ag sign on the periodic table? Yep, that's silver and it's gorgeous on its own. However, pure silver is a bit too soft to wear for jewelry. Thats where 925 Silver comes in to play. 

925 Silver, also known as Sterling Silver, is an alloy which is a mixture of 2 or more metals. So it's made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals which makes it a wearable metal for everyday life. You'll see that all of our silver pieces will have a 925 on them to show that they are Sterling Silver.

Gold Plating

Gold plated jewellery is not solid gold. Gold plating is a method of adding a thin layer of gold over another metal. Our gold plated jewelry is made of 23k gold plating over 925 silver. You will also see 925 on our gold plated pieces as the metal under the gold is sterling silver.