Our planet is our home. It's something that we truly care about. That's why we want to do our best in sustainable practices and our decision making.

Local Manufacturing

Currently the majority of our jewelry production is done here in Bali. For certain components such as chains and clasps, we outsource from another production company on our neighboring island, Java. Eventually the goal would be to have everything produced here in Bali, but for now, this is the best we can do.

We also go paperless when we make and receive orders with the factory. We submit our order via email, and when we receive our goods, they send us our packing list via e-mail as well. Just a few more ways to use less paper. 


Since we are just 10 minutes away from the production factory, we have asked them to pack our goods in a raw and un-dyed, half-processed cotton material called calico. So from the factory to our stock closet, there is zero plastic involved. Once arrived to us, we transfer each piece of jewelry into another type of pouch made of flannel with anti tarnishing properties. This allows us to keep our jewelry in protective packaging and reusable bags. 

We use this same process for our retailers as well- giving them the anti tarnishing pouches to hold stock which they can re-use. 

If you know us, you'd know how much we hate plastic, so this was one aspect we really wanted to go plastic-free.

Product Packaging

We are so lucky to also be able to produce our packaging locally. Not only did we want to use kraft paper for sustainability reasons, it is also less likely to cause tarnishing to the jewelry.

Unfortunately, because we are located in Bali (which is super far away form everywhere), we ship with DHL and they require an extra set of packaging which is plastic. We currently do not have any control over this, but as we grow and ship more packages, we will be able to invest in a more sustainable option.